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The Many Pieces of Me

By Nancy Robles

Born in Costa Rica, I came to the US not knowing a word of English. Growing up, my home life was full of violence, starting with experiencing my father's abuse of my mother and siblings to witnessing my older siblings perpetuate the abuse in their relationships,


I had no frame of reference for what a loving, caring, and supportive relationship was. I was exposed to adult settings too early, sexualized too young, and put into many situations that I had no idea how to navigate—and that was all before I entered high school. By the time I was a teenager, all I knew was that I wanted to get out of my house and create a better life.

But I always fell back on what felt normal, comfortable, which was abusive relationship after abusive relationship. Many dark years, excruciating beatings, and five children later, I discovered that the only way to overcome from the circumstances surrounding me was to break the cycle that I'd maintained for so long.


My recovery became my journey. It was difficult to recover while I continued the same patterns in my life. I had to go back to the very beginning and unpack the initial trauma and how it continued to affect me for so long. After months in individual therapy dealing with the current and most obvious abusive relationships in

my life, I finally paused long enough to address the deepest and most painful scar I carried.


Battery Acid Brain
By A.M. Wegelin

Bipolar 1 Disorder is no joke, and Holly isn’t laughing. After a messy divorce, she is spiraling out of control; no amount of medication can keep up with her. Holly tries grasping onto those around her (the few that are still there) hoping to stay afloat. But even her best friend can’t help her this time. In a world that is so unforgiving, will Holly be able to help herself, or will she be consumed by herself in the process? The world may never know...


The Shoes
By Lily Hall

“And wherever The Chosen would go, the stars would follow...”


Calliope Morgan has gotten used to the simple life in Clover, Oregon. She spends her days surrounded by friendly neighbors while helping her Aunt Maggie run their flower shop. She has friends, family, and flower arrangements—what else could she need?


That is, until she meets a gorgeous man bringing her a letter from the father she
has never met, summoning her back to the bright lights and city life in NYC. She hasn’t been there since she was a young girl and her mother passed away, but heading back now could bring back memories long forgotten and spark her simple life into one she never knew existed......


Sunshine Journal
By Laura Zacky

Be happier and enjoy your life more!


Enjoy our fabulous quotes and journal prompts as well as beautiful original photographs for a sunnier, happier life! Each day’s journal prompt will focus on happiness, health, gratitude, or kindness.


All proceeds go to the Peace Love Hope Foundation, changing lives one at a time and spreading peace, love and hope throughout the world.



By Jes Pan

Sonder (noun):


The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.


Allegra has never been exactly normal. She's never had any friends, but that’s never bothered her. She has acquaintances on her high school’s dance team, and she can get pretty much anything she wants out of boys, but what she really wants is to watch someone’s life leave their body, exhaling their last breath.


Robin has fallen for Ally, fast and hard. Even though they agreed to move in together as just friends, she can’t stop her feelings. She’ll do whatever Allegra wants...from breaking up with her boyfriend to planning something sinister.


They have the perfect plan. But when Allegra’s mother starts to piece things together, it just takes a little manipulation to put everything into a whole new perspective.


Whiskey Moth
By A.M. Wegelin

Lies. Betrayal. Memories.

These are the things that haunt Michelle every day. Though she tries desperately to numb the thoughts of her past with alcohol, no amount is ever enough to quiet them entirely. Even after relocating from the Midwest to Long Beach, California, her past has managed to follow her. Drowning her thoughts in alcohol only leads to more experiences that terrorize her. She tries to make friends, attempts to make money, even thinks about dating, and it all seems to fall back into the same self-destructive pattern of events. How is she ever supposed to pull herself out of the tornado that is her own life?


Your Radiant Life
By Dez Stephens

All books are about hope.

That’s some advice a young writer received from her literary agent. Maybe it sounds too simple but there’s truth here. Acclaimed Coach and Master Trainer, Dez Stephens, offers this collection to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Radiant Coaches Academy. The authors are students she has trained over the years. They represent a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures and circumstances. Each of the 28 storytellers offers their unique and inspiring path toward hope. Perhaps you will find yourself nodding your head, saying to yourself, “I know exactly what they mean!” Even better: One or more stories may be the catalyst that draws you closer to a critical tipping point—one that leads to a more radiant life!


Your Radiant Life is not meant to offer a blueprint or map. Instead, it is hoped you will find a sense of community that may accompany you along your own magnificent journey.

TQFrontFinal (1)_edited.jpg

The Qualitarian
By Dez Stephens

When you’re at a restaurant, do you read the menu from right to left, or left to right? In other words, do you check out the prices before picking the food? This book is about being a Qualitarian - or becoming a Qualitarian. At a very basic level, a Qualitarian would always read the menu left to right. They would discern what they WANT to eat (on the left). Then they may move their eyes to the right to determine whether it is within their budget. It’s not a disregard of cost. But the primary decision answers this question: “What would constitute a quality meal for me, on this particular day, in this particular context?”

Now expand that attitude to everything! How do I want to live? How do I build a measure of quality into all my relationships? What do I expect from employment? How can my leisure time provide healing, relaxation, invigoration and stimulation? What if my work and relationships and home life could provide the same? These are questions raised by a Qualitarian.


In story after story, acclaimed Coach and Master Trainer, Dez Stephens, offers real-life strategies and observations leading to a life marked by quality. Whether you were born into an abundance or scarcity, regardless of calamity or good fortune, the path to a Qualitarian life is all about meaningful and mindful choices.


Kraken of Eden
By George Moakley

Staring into your eyes, savoring every moment as they eat you alive…


Earth is no longer home. Earth’s ecology has been devastated, and her human inhabitants fled to the stars. After centuries of life on sterile space stations and under artificial domes, at last, a glimmer of hope is found by a distant star.


In the wake of a breath-taking discovery, Captain Lubandi leads her crew and passengers across the desolation of interstellar space to Eden, a pristine and wild planet. Is this planet humanity’s chance at redemption? Or will humanity fall victim once again to the metaphorical snake in the garden? Survival depends on science, on unraveling the mystery of a hidden and horrific predator, before the monsters can breed and destroy Captain Lubandi’s ship, her crew, and their second chance at a planetary home.


Wild Union
By A. M. Ladd

“She walked along the rocky path to a neighboring meadow. As Willow approached the giant Alligator Juniper at the center, the tree’s limbs twisted to reshape the throne, adjusting to fit her body. Once the Guardian wreath was placed on her head, she comprehended the words of the ancients calling on her ties to the earth, linking her forever to the Coconino Forest. She felt the connection building until she could clearly see the edge of the forest for the first time. Willow vaguely heard the words expounded on the accomplishments of the Ashbrook Dryads and how their spirits would guide her to greatness.”

Mysterious Forest

In the small town of Bellemont, Arizona, most humans know to stay clear of the forest—especially at night. Strange, unexplainable things have been known to occur. Bray isn’t interested in rumors, and he doesn’t believe in myths. He’s made a name for himself in IT and is all about logic. He’s just purchased a beautiful cabin retreat in the woods. Despite numerous wilderness accidents, he refuses to leave. The connection he feels to this place is unlike anything he’s ever experienced before.

Forbidden Union

Evicting the human should be simple, but Willow’s Dryad powers aren’t working. This human is enchanting her instead of the other way around. The more time she spends with Bray, the more she realizes he’s not a threat, and she’s starting to succumb to her feelings for him. But humans are forbidden from having anything to do with her world. Council will never allow such a union, even if it could be the key to everything.


Theodore The Great

By Brooke Eisenhart

Boundless adventures await Theodore the Great! Come meet Theodore as a kitten and experience where it all began. Laugh with him as he explores his new world and joins in the fun he encounters along the way.


Enjoy the love and laughter of the first Theodore the Great book. After all, who could resist the adorable fluffiness of Theodore and friends? Cuddle up together and rediscover the world through a cat’s eyes. Theodore the Great is based on the life of a real cat, who is not only one of the cutest felines around but an adventurous one as well!


Each book in this series will soften you and your children’s hearts, as well as teach important life lessons along the way. This series progresses through different stages of Theodore’s life in a way your children can easily relate to as they grow.

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The Legacy He Left Me
By Lovern Gordon

ACES: Adverse Childhood Experiences. This clinical term was brought to life for Lovern Gordon as she grew up on the island of  Trinidad in the 1980's. Her mother, affectionately dubbed Mummy, suffered mental and physical abuse at the hands of her emotionally detached father, Lloydie. Lovern, her younger siblings, and Mummy were able to migrate to the United States in the late 1990's. Even though she had vowed she would never become a victim, based on what she had witnessed as child, a sinister romantic partner would repeat the trauma of Lovern's past in her own adult relationship.

Rising from the ashes of these two severe domestic violence situations, Lovern established her own awareness foundation in 2011. Through her advocacy work at Love Life Now, she educates the masses around the issue of abuse, as well as how to become part of the solution and provides resources to victims and survivors. The organization helps victims thrive after leaving toxic situations, just like Lovern now thrives everyday thanks to her strength, positivity, and perseverance, despite the legacy of abuse left by her father.

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