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All books are about hope.

That’s some advice a young writer received from her literary agent. Maybe it sounds too simple but there’s truth here. Acclaimed Coach and Master Trainer, Dez Stephens, offers this collection to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Radiant Coaches Academy. The authors are students she has trained over the years. They represent a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures and circumstances. Each of the 28 storytellers offers their unique and inspiring path toward hope. Perhaps you will find yourself nodding your head, saying to yourself, “I know exactly what they mean!” Even better: One or more stories may be the catalyst that draws you closer to a critical tipping point—one that leads to a more radiant life!


Your Radiant Life is not meant to offer a blueprint or map. Instead, it is hoped you will find a sense of community that may accompany you along your own magnificent journey.

Your Radiant Life

  • Copyright 2022

    979-8-88589-205-6 (Hardcover)
    979-8-88589-202-5 (Softcover)

    Page count: 221

    Size: 6"x9"

    Language: English

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