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Work with our talented team to bring out the magic in your book!

As an Author centered publisher, we work with some of the world's most celebrated authors to highlight their stories. We focus on supporting the Author on their publishing. Our Indie Services are focused on the individual needs of our authors and help them reach their goals. Paperclip Publishing is not a traditional publisher, as an Author focused platform, we like to be as unique in our services as our Author's stories. From authors who need full-service support to those that need a little help and everyone in between. Paperclip is here to focus on the Author, unlike traditional publishers. 

Our Services



Editing is essential for a fantastic book. Make a mistake, and your readers will never let you forget it. We offer several levels of editing services ranging from general overviews to proofreading.

Graphic Design

Stand out in the crowd, articulate your vision, and connect to your readers with Paperclips Author Branding. Custom created to fit your needs, we offer graphics for your author brand.



Writing a book is just the first step. Taking calculated actions with your book marketing well help get it into the readers' hands. 

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Indie Services

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