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Graphic Design with Paperclip

Create Stunning Graphics

That Highlight Your Brand

Stand out in the crowd, articulate your vision, and connect to your readers with Paperclips Author Branding. Custom created to fit your needs, we offer graphics for your author brand. We create branding boards to meet your author branding needs:

  • Book Cover Art

  • Graphics for Banners

  • Bookmarks

  • Business cards

  • Posters

  • Social media images

  • Advertising Images

  • Book Trailer After effects etc… 

  • Media Kit Package

  • Custom Author Website

​Your author brand is the image and identity readers associate with you and your work. Create the right model, and watch your book sales skyrocket.

Author Logo Samples

Click below to view samples of our branding and logo work for authors!

Illustration Samples

Click below to view samples of our illustrations!

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