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Determined with a mutual desire to open the doors to a new world of publishing for authors while inviting a whole new generation of bibliophiles to discover magical new worlds and ideas through books, Paperclip Publishing was created.

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Noelle has always been a voracious reader with a passion for finding exactly the right word to express her meaning. Her strong attention to detail and love of words led her to pursue a career in editing.


With a BA in English and MS in Publishing, Noelle hopes to be able to help authors tell their stories to the world in the best way possible. She is part of the LGBTQ+ community and has a desire to help promote diversity in publishing and in the world.


She currently lives in Anchorage, Alaska, with her partner, three dogs, and one cat.


Chief Executive Officer

Brooke has been a creator and entrepreneur since she was young. She loved reading and books at a young age, sometimes going through a book a day from her love of reading.


Spending time writing poetry and music on the piano in her free time and wrote her first book in middle school called Charlies Life. 


She was always fiercely independent and always seeking new opportunities. 


With her love of animals and caring for people, she became a nurse early on in life and then went on to receive her Masters and became a Nurse Practitioner over 11 years ago.


She is now a CEO and runs a healthcare company that brings healthcare to the elderly and disabled. She wanted to go back to her roots and creative side to help create Paperclip as well as with one of her best friends of 27 years who loves to create as much as her.


She enjoys spending time with her children and family at home when she is not developing some new ideas, books, or discovering new authors.


Chief Editor

Jes wrote their first book at age two, providing illustrations and dictating the words for "Lolo Zookeeper, Hiding Crocodile." They went on to publish hundreds of home-printed masterpieces at Lolo Press, the pretend publishing company inspired by their childhood nickname.


Jes' love of stories and books grew as they got older, and they continued to read and write voraciously into adulthood. One BA in Creative Writing, one Master's in Library Science, four years working retail, and five years as a librarian later, Jes is finally revisiting their original love of words and the way they fit together as an editor for Paperclip Publishing.


Currently, Jes lives in Arizona with their partner Sydney and a very old and loud, but somehow endearing, dachshund named Winnie.

They are active in the LGBTQ+ community, mainly facilitating informal education programs for youth and young adults. They also love to knit, craft, blog, make spreadsheets, podcast about early-2000's TV shows, and consume horror content of any kind. 

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VP of Marketing and Strategy

Jesse graduated from West Virginia University in 2003 with a degree in Business Administration, Marketing.


Jesse has over 17 years of professional selling and marketing experience.  Some highlights of his professional career include increasing an equipment leasing vertical revenue from $300k to $3million in five years and playing a major role in increasing an organization's overall revenue from $7million to $21million over a five year period. 


Jesse has been with LTi Technology Solutions for nine years where he is currently their Director of Sales.  He is responsible for new system sales throughout North America. 


Jesse currently serves as a member of the ELFA Service Provider Committee and has previously been on the board of directors for NEFA, NEFA membership committee chair, and conference chair. 


He spends his nights and weekend consulting with local small businesses.  His main focus is on helping authors create successful books through marketing and business planning. 


He also coaches his son’s little league baseball team in the spring and fall.


Assistant Editor in Marketing

Kaylene has always had a love of the written word. She started writing as early as the second grade and was asked to participate in a school writing contest.

As a child, she would frequently get into trouble with her parents because she would stay up way past bedtime reading.


Her favorite genres are adult fantasy/horror and women's fiction. When not writing or reading, she spends her time running and is currently training for the Boston Distance Medley.


She currently resides in Mesa, AZ with her husband and fur kids (two dogs and 4 cats).



I answer to “Elliana”, and I am an editor, writer, and literary enthusiast with expertise in informative and narrative non-fiction, poetry, and journalism. I have collaborated in workshops and newsroom settings since 2014 and have had multiple works published across literary journals since 2008.


Away from the notebook and laptop, fire dancing, traveling, and cooking fuel my soul. 


As a multifaceted creative inspired by the mundane and metaphysical, I strive to empower other writers to express their truths confidently and effectively.


Together, we can work to ensure that your message will be read and received by as many as possible in an authentic manner that matches you as a person, all the while fulfilling the needs of yourself and potential readers. 

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Ryanne McLaren graduated from Biola University with a B.M. in piano and organ performance.


She was also a top scholar in the Torrey Honors Institute, where she fell in love with interdisciplinary studies.


She is especially fascinated with the search for the sacred in science fiction, especially within the works of her favorite author, Ray Bradbury.


Ryanne is currently completing her master’s in “Theology and the Arts” through the University of St. Andrew’s, Scotland.

A lifelong musician, Ryanne is also a professional pianist and organist. Ryanne especially concerned with the interaction of text and music in vocal literature, further evidencing her deep passion for poetry.


Much of Ryanne’s original writing can be found on, which proclaims her mission of promoting and exemplifying an “active and imaginative life.”



Shaun is an artist, illustrator and designer currently living in Tucson, Arizona.  He has a BFA with a Drawing focus from Arizona State University, and has done freelance illustration and design work since graduating in 2009.


Shaun is passionate about animation and graphic arts, and about art as a storytelling device; he has a lifelong love for comics, animation and illustrated books. 


Shaun has illustrated the Sanford Harmony program’s “Z series” of educational books for children, as well as several books for Handersen Publishing such as “Hole in the Wall”.


Media Specialist

Alysa Wegelin has been writing since they were nine years old. Their first book was about a serial killer and from there they only became cooler; writing plays, books, and movies.

For the last six years they have been perfecting their social media skills, working for clients like BBC and Warner Brothers. Throughout their time there they wore many hats like data analytics, coding, and SEO.

Currently, they live in Vancouver, WA with their husband, dogs, chickens, and tortoise. They are starting to co run a husky rescue with their husband and love everything marketing.

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Ashley De Vor is a self-taught freelance artist specializing in commissioned art works. She has created a myriad of work ranging from portrait painting to sewing to mural work.


The benefit of doing commission work is having experience with a multitude of mediums such as ink, watercolor, fabric paint, acrylic, charcoal, ceramic paint, graphite, digital illustration, and oil based paints.


She has two very distinct styles: smooth vibrant watercolors and bold ink work with a minimalist palette, both of which are meticulously detailed. 


Her favorite subjects are animals, food, portraits, botanicals and anything and everything spooky. Ashley loves film, video games, cooking, and being a couch potato with her dog Sputnik. 



Laine Secrest is a local Arizonan illustrator and designer. He is a recent graduate from Northern Arizona University with a BS in Visual Communications and a minor in Fine Arts.


Previously Laine has worked as a graphic designer for the Institute for Human Development; as the Director of Illustrations & Comics for NAU’s Student Publication, The Lumberjack; as a painting instructor and entertainer with Painting with a Twist in Tempe; and as a freelance illustrator and artist.


Laine’s visual style tends toward bold lines, vibrant colors, and expressive characters. He is experienced not only in illustration but graphic design as well, and utilizes his skills in both fields to deliver unique compositions in everything from comics to covers to print designs to spot illustrations.



Diane Serpa, aka Dot, has been drawing and creating typographic art since she was five. Since she discovered graphic design through 80s music album covers she has been designing books, magazines, marketing and branding for more than 20 years.

An avid comic book and sci-fi/fantasy novel reader, Dot also collects nerdy toys.

Meeting new people fills up her energy tank.

Dot advocates for all animals, domestic and wild as well as environmental and social issues.

She’ll take dancing to new wave music over exercising, any day, though you might see hiking South Mountain or riding her lime green Electra Cruiser around Mesa canals.


Look for the watermelon helmet.

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We are looking for amazing new people to join our team! Click the link below to see the positions we are hiring for now!


Samantha loves a great story. Ever since she was a little girl, you could find her curled up in a corner with a book peeking into a new world. This passion led her to explore new languages, cultures, and experiences through travel.


As a Consultant and Director of App Development, she is passionate about the powerful overlap between project management, social innovation, and storytelling. She is a Certified Coach and Scrum Master, and she specializes in working with talented individuals to streamline processes while co-creating a vision of the future and a roadmap to get there.

Samantha is currently wrapping up her Executive Master of Leadership with a focus on strategic planning and social innovation. She has a decade of experience working in non-profit leadership and higher education both in the US and in Latin America. As a serial entrepreneur that has also worked in large organizations, she has seen first-hand what different perspectives can collectively contribute to the world through storytelling and is excited by the innovative approach of Paperclip

Samantha Kramer



Director of App Development

We are looking for amazing new people to join our team! Click the link below to see the positions we are hiring for now!

What We Do...

As an Author centered publisher, we work with some of the world's greatest authors to bring their books to the world. We are currently looking for new authors, click here to submit your book. 

Indie authors are forces to be reckoned with as they blaze new trails and write amazing books. Yet no author is an island, and we are here to support your journey. Click here to see how Paperclip Publishing can help you successfully share your story with the world.

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