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Lovern J. Gordon

Lovern Gordon is the Founder of Love Life Now Foundation, Inc. (LLN) which promotes awareness around domestic violence (DV), via its initiatives and helps bridge the gap between DV shelters and communities they serve. 

She used two back to back pageant wins as a platform to increase awareness in 2010 and the following year…LLN was formed. She conducts DV Workshops and hosts events that raise thousands of dollars to benefit DV shelters worldwide. 

She has appeared on numerous television shows including CBS This Morning,  NBC’s This is New England, WHDH’s Urban Update, CBS’s Centro Boston, ABC‘s  Cityline, Reelz’s Security Brief TV, and BNN’s Common Ground. 

Radio includes: The Boston Podcast, Women’s Wellness Podcast, 97.7fm‘s The  Beat of Boston, and WEZE’s 590AM Voice of Reason 


Print includes features for Huffington Post, Enterprise News, Baystate Banner, Boston Voyager Magazine, The Story Exchange, #SheWins Book, and social media ‘Heroes Among Us’ recognition from Boston Celtics.


A.M. Ladd has lived in Arizona for 23 years and has worked in the technology industry for decades. She believes communing with nature is the key to a balanced life. Her passions include conservation, spooky forests, and the magical energies all around us. Her hope is to share light and joy with readers as they meander down the trail of her imagination in her fantasy romance novels.

A.M. Ladd


Lily Hall

Lily Hall has been actively writing since she was around eight years old. As a young child, she always told the most amazing stories and was always in high demand to play with her friends. They loved the different ideas she came up with when they were playing. The kids in the neighborhood would always come to join her and her brothers at "The Ditch" (aka the empty lot next to their house) as they had created a castle lair there. It is still to this day one of her fondest memories.

As a young child, she struggled with reading and writing, but after the school contacted her parents about her struggles, her father came up with the best plan to help her read. He took her and her oldest brother to a local library, took them into the young adult section of the library and said "If you each get a book an inch thick or more... I’ll give you a buck for each book.” This helped Lily learn to love reading. Once she realized she was able to go on adventures through her mind, she was almost always somewhere with her nose in a book. Her dad still owes her that buck to this day.

She has published a few of her many poems through her high school’s annual anthology and through several national poetry anthologies. She tries to write daily and happily is able to with her husband’s help.

Her first book “The Shoes” is just the start of her collection of stories to tell as she has several others, over 15, floating around in her head. Her next three books “21 Days”, “Who Rescued Who” and “How to Heal a Heart” will be coming soon!


Brooke Eisenhart

Brooke has been a creator and entrepreneur since she was young. She loved reading and books at a young age, sometimes going through a book a day from her love of reading. Spending time writing poetry and music on the piano in her free time and wrote her first book in middle school called Charlies Life. 


She was always fiercely independent and always seeking new opportunities. 

With her love of animals and caring for people, she became a nurse early on in life and then went on to receive her Masters and became a Nurse Practitioner over 11 years ago. She is now a CEO and runs a healthcare company that brings healthcare to the elderly and disabled. She wanted to go back to her roots and creative side to help create Paperclip. She enjoys spending time with her children and family at home when she is not developing some new ideas, books, or discovering new authors.


George Moakley

George Moakley originally trained as a theoretical ecologist, but quickly found that to be a satisfying but not particularly lucrative career path. So, he went into the tech industry, usually in strategic planning and/or solution design, filing the occasional patent along the way. He still offers consulting services in business development and solutions design. He feeds his passion for the life sciences through photography while hiking and diving.

George loves hard science fiction. His debut novel, “Kraken of Eden”, explores what it will be like to discover a truly alien world with a rich and truly alien ecosystem. His stories are thoroughly researched and based on sound, albeit speculative, biology.


Good fiction explores human relationships. Good science fiction explores human relationships in the context of circumstances beyond our daily experiences. Good hard science fiction explores human relationships in the context of sound, plausible circumstances beyond our daily experiences. The BEST hard science fiction is also gently informative, smoothly integrating some education about the science underlying the plot as you urgently turn the pages, driven to find out what happens to the characters you’ve grown to care about.


Deep Space Exodus stories like “Kraken of Eden” are thoroughly researched, offering plausible situations, and seasoned liberally with obscure biological trivia inspired by some of the more fascinating creatures of our own world.


Dez Stephens

Dez Stephens is the Founder and CEO of Radiant Health Institute, a prominent international coach training school that certifies holistic life coaches, wellness coaches and business coaches. She is a certified and credentialed coach, master trainer and marketing strategist. Dez is a social entrepreneur, peoples advocate and planetary activist.


Dez has coached professionally since 2005, and in 2012, founded Radiant Coaches Academy and has trained and certified over 500 students in over 15 countries. As a business coach and consultant, she enjoys coaching entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Dez is co-executive producer of the documentary film, “End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock” highlighting Native women fighting to keep clean water on their Native lands in North Dakota and beyond. She is also co-executive producer of the upcoming “Sacred Foods” TV series. 


Jes Pan

Jes Pan (they/them) wrote their first book at age two, providing illustrations and dictating the words for "Lolo Zookeeper, Hiding Crocodile." They went on to publish hundreds of home-printed masterpieces at Lolo Press, the pretend publishing company inspired by their childhood nickname.

Jes's love of stories and books grew as they got older, and they continued to read and write vora- ciously into adulthood. One BA ni Creative Writing, one Master's in Library Science, four years working retail, and five years as a librarian later, Jes is finally revisiting their original love of words and the way they fit together. They edited The Legacy He Left Me by Lovern Gordon in 2021, a life-changing foray into the world of professional publishing. Sonder is their first novel.

Jes lives in Arizona with their wife and two tiny dogs. They are active ni the LGBTO+ community, mainly facilitating informal education programs for youth and young adults through the public library and nonprofit organizations. They also love to knit, craft, read, make spreadsheets, connect on TikTok, and consume horror content of (almost) any kind.

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A.M. Wegelin

Alysa has been writing since 2000 when they started their first serial killer book and tantalized their classmates. This began a couple decades of writing screenplays, stage plays, comics, and books while attending art schools and later dropping out. Instead of continuing with academics, they embraced their love for everything creative—expanding their mind and fulfilling their spirit by creating constantly. These days, Alysa spends most of their time writing, doing freelance social media consulting work, and spending time with their dogs and husband. Don’t think that they are living a quiet life though; they thrive on chaos.


They have been mentally ill since ‘91 when they were spit out into this tortuous world. Writing so their brain doesn’t explode. A manic jumbled person with manic jumbled thoughts. Continuously trying to make life a little less lonely, one book at a time.


A lover of dogs, milkshakes, and the PNW. A dedicated karaoke artist. Maker of all things cute and cuddly. A nostalgia whore. Obsessed with the color orange and the ‘70s. Living proof that aliens exist. A comedian and a national treasure. Enigma of the highest order. Gummy candy is the best candy.


Laura Zaki

Laura Zaki is the author of Stories of Love and Hope and Given to Fly: How to transform your life. Her podcast, blog and social media group Sunshine for a Better World encourage positive thinking and natural healing.


Laura is the founder and director of the Peace Love Hope Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to helping the most vulnerable members of our global community. 


She is the mother of two wonderful sons and a lovely dog. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona and has traveled around the world. She speaks English, Italian, French, Spanish and Arabic and loves to learn and help others however she can.


Nancy Robles

Nancy was born in Costa Rica in 1973 and moved to America in 1981 with her sister and mother where they experienced poverty, food insecurity, and violence at every turn. As the first high school graduate in her family, she had no guidance for exploring higher education. She worked tirelessly to obtain her A.S. in Paralegal Studies from Berkeley College while raising three kids under the age of five.

Berkeley College sent her on her first interview in the equipment finance industry in 2000. She began in an entry-level position at Fleet Capital Healthcare as a documentation processor. Then, returned to school full-time and received her B.A. in Management while also working full-time and as a single parent. In 2005, she started at Eastern Funding LLC as a mid-level documentation specialist. During her seventeen years at Eastern Funding, she received her MBA, was promoted five times, and had two more children.

During her initial seven years in therapy, she was able to start the journey to recovery. She worked on healing from generational trauma; childhood trauma; physical, emotional, and sexual abuse; and unhealthy patterns of self-abandonment to toxic partners.

Today, she has worked her way up to President of her company and speaks nationally on human issues in the workplace such as DEI, leadership, mental health, and company culture. She serves on several boards advocating for these causes and engages in advocacy work through other avenues. She is focusing on loving herself and modeling self-love for her children, grandchildren, and communities.

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Solange & Gisele Adechian 

Gisele and Solange ADECHIAN are two sisters, authors and the founders of Ilerawellness LLC, that promotes natural health and wellness for women looking for alternative ways to prevent or overcome allergies and chronic conditions. The two wellness professionals who grew up in Africa, Europe and Asia and now live in North America are owners of the US trademark “Afrawsion” which is the fusion of African ingredients revisited in raw recipes.


Solange ADECHIAN is a Dr in Biology, specialized in Nutrition, a Naturopath and a Yoga coach. She spent an extensive amount of time researching ways to help people lose weight without losing the muscle mass. She uses her personal weight loss journey through natural remedies to pave the way for other women to do the same. 


Gisele ADECHIAN, MBA is a Raw chef, an award winner of the 2022 leadership in

the health coaching program and a certified integrative nutrition health coach. She organizes international workshops to teach women how to make healthy and delicious raw recipes. Her journey recovering from asthma using natural approaches to heal her gut in 2019 has been the genesis of her dedication to coaching several women. 


Solange and Gisele ADECHIAN leverage their health coaching program, wellness workshops and international retreats to spread of the word of the power of food as medicine and lifestyle adjustments to improve our health. 

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Urban Stewart was born and raised in the FLDS community of Colorado City, Arizona. One of 25 children, dropped out of the 4th grade to start working full time in construction. Urban left home at 14 years old because he no longer believes in the religion he was born into.


Working full time in Nevada, Utah, and Arizona until age 16, when the state of Arizona got involved and required him to relocate to Phoenix, Arizona. His father and his father's second wife dropped him at a group home in a City that he had only driven through with the clothes on his back and a 4th-grade education. For the next two years, every day was a cultural shock, and an opportunity to figure out who he was as an individual.


Nine years later Urban is an advocate for youth empowerment, civic education, religious freedom, and personal transformation. Graduated with dual bachelor's degrees in business from WP Carey School of Business.

Urban Stuart

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