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When you’re at a restaurant, do you read the menu from right to left, or left to right? In other words, do you check out the prices before picking the food? This book is about being a Qualitarian - or becoming a Qualitarian. At a very basic level, a Qualitarian would always read the menu left to right. They would discern what they WANT to eat (on the left). Then they may move their eyes to the right to determine whether it is within their budget. It’s not a disregard of cost. But the primary decision answers this question: “What would constitute a quality meal for me, on this particular day, in this particular context?”


Now expand that attitude to everything! How do I want to live? How do I build a measure of quality into all my relationships? What do I expect from employment? How can my leisure time provide healing, relaxation, invigoration and stimulation? What if my work and relationships and home life could provide the same? These are questions raised by a Qualitarian.


In story after story, acclaimed Coach and Master Trainer, Dez Stephens, offers real-life strategies and observations leading to a life marked by quality. Whether you were born into an abundance or scarcity, regardless of calamity or good fortune, the path to a Qualitarian life is all about meaningful and mindful choices.

The Qualitarian

  • Copyright 2022

    979-8-88589-195-0 (Hardcover)
    979-8-88589-196-7 (Softcover)

    Page count: 131

    Size: 6"x9"

    Language: English

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