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Six out of ten adults in America are suffering from a chronic condition such as asthma, hypertension, arthritis and obesity, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). While these numbers are readily available in the U.S., it is important to note that these chronic illnesses are affecting people around the world. The causes of these chronic conditions range from uncontrollable factors (genetics) to controllable factors (diet, exercise, environment etc.). While there is little we can do about the first category, the latter is something that anyone can influence to improve our health. We all deserve to live a happy and energetic life because, as Dr. L. Scholosser, who worked on the ancient art of healing said, Life is sacred and its greatest virtue is health.

We often believe that food is only about physical Nourishment. But the reality is that food goes beyond satisfying our stomach. Food is energy. And energy is what fuels our body and connects us to the right vibrations from a spiritual perspective. If we nourish ourselves with dead food, processed foods, we do not get energy. This creates room for inflammation which, when it becomes chronic, leads to chronic illnesses Through this book, Solange and Gisèle, two sisters respectively a Doctor in Nutrition and a Raw Chef, take us on their personal journey of reversing obesity and asthma naturally using food as medicine and with lifestyle adjustments. This is an inspiration for all of us who want to learn how to nourish ourselves holistically so we can prevent or overcome chronic conditions naturally.

Raw Food Recipes Better health, more energy, and freedom from chronic illness

  • Copyright 2023 ISBN: 979-8-9891077-3-5 (Hard Cover) 979-8-9891077-4-2  (Soft Cover)

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