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“And wherever The Chosen would go, the stars would follow...”


Calliope Morgan has gotten used to the simple life in Clover, Oregon. She spends her days surrounded by friendly neighbors while helping her Aunt Maggie run their flower shop. She has friends, family, and flower arrangements—what else could she need?


That is, until she meets a gorgeous man bringing her a letter from the father she
has never met, summoning her back to the bright lights and city life in NYC. She hasn’t been there since she was a young girl and her mother passed away, but heading back now could bring back memories long forgotten and spark her simple life into one she never knew existed......

The Shoes

  • Copyright 2022

    979-8-88589-199-8 (paperback)
    979-8-88589-198-1 (hardcover)

    Page Count: 197

    Size: 6"x9"

    Language: English

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