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Lies. Betrayal. Memories. These are the things that haunt Michelle every day. Though she tries desperately to numb the thoughts of her past with alcohol, no amount is ever enough to quiet them entirely. Even after relocating from the Midwest to Long Beach, California, her past has managed to follow her. Drowning her thoughts in alcohol only leads to more experiences that terrorize her. She tries to make friends, attempts to make money, even thinks about dating, and it all seems to fall back into the same self-destructive pattern of events. How is she ever supposed to pull herself out of the tornado that is her own life?

Whiskey Moth

  • Copyright 2022

    979-8-88589-206-3 (Hardcover)
    979-8-88589-207-0 (Softcover)

    Page count: 82

    Size: 6"x9"

    Language: English

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