Boundless adventures await Theodore the Great! Come meet Theodore as a kitten and experience where it all began. Laugh with him as he explores his new world and joins in the fun he encounters along the way.


Enjoy the love and laughter of the first Theodore the Great book. After all, who could resist the adorable fluffiness of Theodore and friends? Cuddle up together and rediscover the world through a cat’s eyes. Theodore the Great is based on the life of a real cat, who is not only one of the cutest felines around but an adventurous one as well!


Each book in this series will soften you and your children’s hearts, as well as teach important life lessons along the way. This series progresses through different stages of Theodore’s life in a way your children can easily relate to as they grow.


This deluxe edition of Theodore the Great's first adventure comes complete with the paw prints of our hero himself! Use the entry form during check-out to let us know which color to have Theodore sign in. 

Theodore The Great: Deluxe Paw-Prints

  • ISBN: 978-173-46207-02
    Publication Date: 02/21/2021
    Page Count: 72
    Size: 8.5″ x 8.5″
    Age Range: 0-11
    Language: English