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My Grandma and Dr. Seuss

This week not only marked Dr. Seuss's birthday (which was also is Read Across America Day!) but today is also my late grandmother's birthday. I link the two in my head because when I was small my grandma would read me tons and tons of Dr. Seuss books. They were truly a comfort and a time for us to bond together.

She would always love to press the lessons learned in Sneetches and Yertle the Turtle while still reading all the funny voices for my brother and me. I still remember to this day what Yertle sounded like as well as the lesson he embodied. Every Christmas we were always graced with her excellent reading of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas". I'll never forget our time spent together reading and especially on this day I'd love to share our favorite books we read together in her memory.

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