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Dear John & Dez,

It has been exciting to get to know you and your story. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and allow the Paperclip Team to get a deeper understanding of you, your book, and your long term vision.

We're excited to share our proposal for introducing your book to the world.

Stacee & Brooke

Author-Centric Publishing

Are you ready to tell your story in your way and be seen by those waiting to read it? Paperclip Publishing's mission as an author-centric publisher supports the author's vision and development, giving a platform and a voice to the author and their core values. Supporting our authors as family members, we focus on telling their story to impact the world. 

Project Scope

Discovery & Strategy

The first step in the paperclip process is to sit down with our author and walk through the book proposal at a granular level. From here will build an author plan to identify what they are looking to achieve withyour core message. We will develop several strategies around this vision to ensure the successful deployment of the book to the mass market and readers.

 From here will capture the requirements to deploy the paperclip plan for success.  Some of these plans include developing:

                        Authors branding/Website, 

                        Launch strategy 

                        marketing plan

                       Artistic Vision/Cover design

                        Developmental Editing

Author Branding

For this book and author campaign, we will be using elements of John's (already strong) personal brand and momentum to accelerate his current momentum and launch his book to the world. We will create a striking personal brand including a logo and mood board to reflect who you are as an author. Our web developer will design a custom website for you to help facilitate launching your book and author brand.

Book Development, Editing & Design

John will be paired with our Chief Editor Jess, to work on the developmental editing and completion of his book. Our art and design team will work directly with john to create a book cover that stands out on the shelf and highlights his story by sticking graphics and design. 

Marketing and Launch Plan

  • 24-hour support throughout the marketing process

  • Recorded author interview and welcome to paperclip publishing video for social media site distribution

  • Creation Author Bio, Press Release, and Paperclip Website social media and other social media platforms. We will collaborate with your existing team to maximize your social media exposure. 

  • Biweekly Zoom calls with members of the paperclip team to ensure the successful implementation plan of book launch plan and goals. 

  • Audiobook marketing consultation

  • Speaking tour planning 

Social Media & Production

  • Author Spotlight on Paperclip Social site.

  • Link to Paperclip Social Page for John on our beta site: Login User Name: jpointer Password: Paperclip2020


  • Log in info(change your email once you get in)

  • Free author group on Paperclip Social media site

  • Creation of a Media Kit

  • Podcast, tv, radio strategy

  • Book Trailer consultation and execution

  • Movie pitching cinematic consultations

Stage One

Strategy & Planning

Stage One

Developmental Editing,

Book Creative & Brand Development

Stage 3

Book Launch


& Speaking Tours




Our unique and diverse team will bring broader ideas and new perspectives to publishing your book. As part of our initial process, our team will fly out to you for an in-person meeting to develop your book strategy,  author planning session, and video author interview. 





Thank you for considering being a part of the Paperclip Publishing family!

Click below to view & download your publishing contract

We would love to meet you! Please reach out to schedule a zoom meeting with our team! 


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