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TED Talk: How To Read A Book A Day

In this TED Talk Jordan Harry tells us of when he had a speech impediment when he was young. His mother made it her priority to take him to get therapy since it affected his reading skills. Now he has an accelerated reading speed of fifteen words per minute nearly fifteen years later! Speed reading is a skill that can be learned though and Jordan has taught it to many many people. He believes there aren't people who are bad readers, just people with bad reading habits. Once you figure out what habits are holding you back you can read a lot faster. The bad habits he addresses are subvocalization, regression, and fixations. All habits that can be easily broken. He goes on to give his steps on how to read a book a day. Part of this process is really familiarizing yourself with the book so that when you read it it's like you read it twice. In the end, he says that he learns again everytime he teaches and that we should all waste our time wisely.

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